– Neurological conditions affecting the eye, optic nerve and brain’s visual system:

The eye is essentially an extension of the brain. It is the only part of the body where a nerve (the optic nerve at the back of the eye) can be directly visualised: with an ophthalmoscope or on a slit-lamp microscope. Swelling or pallor of the disc is sometimes an indication of significant problems further back in the brain. There are many diseases which ether arise in the area of the eye (e.g. optic nerve inflammations, congenital lesions or tumours) or where the visual system or eye is affected because of a condition affecting the brain (e.g. migraine, intracranial hypertension, benign tumours, aneurysms). Assessment of these usually involves a detailed history and neuro-ophthalmic examination and often further investigation such as neuroimaging of brain, visual pathway or orbits by CT or MRI scan, both of which can be organised and performed rapidly at Albyn. There is close communication with the Albyn Neurosurgeons who may be involved in your care, and we try to arrange for patients to see both consultant on the same visit if possible.


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