I am an experienced consultant ophthalmologist, able to see you without delay in quiet, clean, comfortable consulting rooms. The consultation will be without interruption, at an appointment date and time to suit you. I offer an efficient, specialist, friendly and discreet service. Your appointment and treatment will always be with me: this ensures a trusted continuity of clinical care from your first presentation until the satisfactory and successful conclusion of your treatment.  The Albyn Hospital is situated in the middle of Aberdeen, close to the city centre, bus and train stations; free parking is available at the Hospital. Eye surgery is performed at the Albyn in a clean, modern and purpose-built surgical operating theatre – one of three – using new and state-of-the-art ophthalmic surgical equipment.

As in my practice at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, the Children’s Hospital and my peripheral clinics, I have regular experience and expertise in all areas of general adult ophthalmology. I am the only consultant who performs a regular general adult and paediatric eye clinic in the periphery, and specialist clinics at the main eye department. I regularly manage the following conditions:

Glaucoma or intraocular pressure problems

– Assessment, Management (both laser and medical eye drop treatment) and Follow-up for detailed monitoring: Glaucoma is a common eye condition seen in the over-60’s which is usually detected at routine optician visits as it…

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– Neurological conditions affecting the eye, optic nerve and brain’s visual system: The eye is essentially an extension of the brain. It is the only part of the body where a nerve (the optic nerve…

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Retina and Macula

– Vascular Disorders; Retinopathy; Macular degeneration; Retinal lesions: Often asymptomatic, these conditions may be detected at a routine optician visit or by one of the newer imaging techniques which some Optician’s now offer. I am…

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Other services

I am delighted to see any age of patient: one of the unique features of being an ophthalmologist is the ability to see patients of any age with conditions affecting the eye or visual system;…

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