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Lesions, cysts, lumps; irritation and inflammation; malpositions

The eyelids can be affected by many different conditions ranging from benign but unsightly irritating growths or lumps to excess overhanging upper lid skin to chronic red-rimmed lids which irritate the eye surface and reduce tear production. These conditions and many more can be assessed and treated effectively. A very common condition is Blepharitis which can be managed in a variety of ways; if steroid eye drops are used to bring this or any other condition under control, I will arrange to see you for review after a few weeks, and this will be discussed.

Minor Lid Surgery:

If minor lid surgery is required to remove a growth or lump or reposition an in- or out-turning eyelid (ectropion and entropion) this can often be done at Albyn the same time as your first consolation, or at most within a week or two, or to suit you. Usually, under a local anaesthetic injection using a very fine needle, the skin is numbed completely and I perform the minor surgery which takes anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes. After recovering for a short spell, you can return home and further appointments are often not required. If a biopsy was taken, you and your GP will be informed of the result within 2-3 weeks. Stitches are often self-dissolving. Sometimes there is a bruise that resolves in a few days, and scarring is usually insignificant.

Important things to know:

Any procedure performed will incur a further charge so it is important that your insurer knows that this may occur on the same days as your first consultation, in order that it be pre-authorised. Please don’t arrange to drive home after minor lid surgery as the ointment is often put in the eye at the end of surgery and this will blur your vision for several hours. I don’t use eye patches or shields after minor lid surgery, so please be careful not to accidentally rub or touch the lid for the first few hours. It is normal for the lid to mildly ache later and paracetamol can safely be used if needed. Ointment is usually prescribed to use twice daily for 2 days: and you will receive this from Albyn before you leave.

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