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I am delighted to see any age of patient (at Albyn the patient must be over aged 3, however):  one of the unique features of being an ophthalmologist is the ability to see patients of any age with conditions affecting the eye or visual system; ranging from laser-treating the retina of a premature infant who has developed sight-threatening retinopathy related to a very premature birth; to surgically removing the troublesome cataract of a 105 year old and restoring sight.

Appointments for any sort of eye symptom or sign can be arranged via your GP or Optician; or if you are self-funding, I am happy to take direct self-referral though would need details of medical history, drugs taken, and optical history/glasses: please bring these.

I perform Occupational vision assessments and provide reports to Occupational Health firms; and complete DVLA forms and CAA reports, or provide information for local or national CAA Medical Examiners. At present I am not accepting medico-legal cases for Medical reports for Solicitors or Legal Practices.

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Mr. Christopher Scott


Consultant Ophthalmologist

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