Retina and Macula

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Vascular Disorders; Retinopathy; Macular degeneration; Retinal lesions:

Often asymptomatic, these conditions may be detected at a routine optician visit or by one of the newer imaging techniques which some opticians now offer. I am delighted to see you (and the image if possible) quickly at the Albyn where I can assess and manage your condition there, or rapidly refer onwards to the local NHS eye clinic where, for example, there is an excellent busy Macular Denegeration treatment service. NHS Grampian offers a well-established and effective annual diabetic retinal screening service nowadays, but if any new symptoms develop such as cataract or unexplained visual loss, I will be happy to see you. Symptoms of spontaneous flashing-lights and visual floaters usually involves a microscopic examination of your peripheral retinae with a special contact lens after 30 minutes for dilating drops to work: your vision will be very blurry afterwards.

Things to know

For all retinal conditions, both pupils will be dilated with eyedrops in the course of your first consultation: please make alternative arrangements to get home (i.e. don’t bring your car), and also be prepared for a more lengthy visit to my Albyn eye clinic.

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